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Created and Sold by Michael Dupille

Michael Dupille

Manito Glow - Art & Wall Decor

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6.5’ x 12.5’ fused glass mural depicting Manito park. Beautiful, restorative and magical, I took the approach of embellishing this vista to reflect those feelings. The rainbow effect is utilized to illustrate the obvious naturally occurring element and will and serves to represent the diverse population of Spokane and eastern Washington.
My use of negative space creates foreground tree elements.

Item Manito Glow
Created by Michael Dupille
Michael Dupille
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
Art glass for the home, office or architecture.

My primary medium is kiln formed glass. I am considered a pioneer in the field.
The process of creating along with innovation, seem to go hand in hand with me. Often the desire to produce a work of art leads to a discovery of a new technique or process. This is not always planned but often becomes a necessary part to complete the final aesthetic of a piece. Working with kiln formed glass offers numerous opportunities for challenge and I tend to push what is possible with the materials and the imagination.

Much of the subject matter in my work is driven by circumstances of life and moments that hold our thought and rise to inspiration. The imagery and concepts are mostly representational with imaginative twists. Materials and process help embellish the narrative to its fullest.
I create work that requires a second look and inspires conversation and a positive reaction. My goal is to target
ideas, concepts and visuals which serve to promote discussion and further the imaginative leanings of the prospective audience; as well as create areas of visual delight.