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Created and Sold by Megan Geckler

Megan Geckler

We’ve got to cross this great big world somehow - Art & Wall Decor

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Comprised of 21,000 linear feet (6400 meters) of custom dyed, 100% cotton, USA made rope. In accordance with Class A standards, all ropes were sprayed with fire retardant prior to installation. As commissioned, the installation features a diptych of twin alcoves on either side of pedestrian walkways; 360 ropes fan outwards from the upper clerestory windows to form three “X” shapes referencing the phrase “X marks the spot”; or in this case, the arrival or departure point of the travelers. This work celebrates aviation’s increased accessibility to the general public and our ability to reach more destinations than ever before.

Item We’ve got to cross this great big world somehow
Created by Megan Geckler
Megan Geckler
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
"Geckler is known for her large-scale architectural installations constructed with flagging tape, a colorful plastic ribbon used primarily on construction sites, which she arranges to create massive immersive environments that are located in the territory between art, design, and craft. Taking the form of brightly colored, mathematical drawings in space, Geckler’s work is custom-tailored to the architectural elements that are unique to each exhibition venue - where skylights, staircases, and soffits become focal points for her painterly geometric environments.

Megan Geckler is an American artist (b. 1975, Abington, PA) living and working in Los Angeles. Her large-scale, site-specific installations and drawings have been exhibited internationally, including Customs House (Sydney, NSW, Australia); The Courtauld Institute (London, United Kingdom); and MOMA (Minsk, Russia). In America, her work has been featured at venues such as Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (Salt Lake City, UT); Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus, OH); Museum of Art and History (Lancaster, CA); and Pasadena Museum of California Art (Pasadena, CA). She has been awarded multiple public art commissions including projects at the LAX Airport, and was recently awarded the City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) Individual Artist Fellowship, by the Department of Cultural Affairs. Her work is in the corporate collections of Creative Artists Agency (Los Angeles, CA); Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL); and Nike (Portland, OR).”