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Martin Webb
Art & Wall Decor by Martin Webb seen at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento - Dreamboat
Art & Wall Decor by Martin Webb seen at Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento - Dreamboat


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Dreamboat is an immersive, interactive environment for the Museum’s under-fives education department. The starting point for my idea was a carved wood piece in the Crocker’s collection, a Papuan spirit canoe occupied by various human and animal figures, knowing that it would have intrigued the five-year old me. I’ve built my own version - a life-size boat with it’s own "“crew”"and surrounding environment. I hope that children feel drawn in and compelled to explore it and lose themselves in imaginative games of their own invention.

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Martin Webb

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My work comes from thoughts about people, places, and home; about age, time, and timelessness, permanence and impermanence; about movement, migration, and belonging. People and places are depicted in images and objects that combine simple representations, layered abstractions, and plain-spoken materials.

I’m always fascinated by people’s relationship with the land and time, how the natural and manmade landscape records people’s movements and stories, and in particular the way that things we regard as solid and permanent are actually temporary, in flux, and part of a continuum much larger than ourselves.” - Martin Webb

British artist, Martin Webb (b. 1964), first laid eyes upon the American West when he was awarded a Fulbright teaching exchange that brought him to the San Francisco East Bay in 1999-2000. Martin Webb has also found great success as a highly acclaimed artist with numerous public commissions visible throughout the Bay Area, from Palo Alto to Napa. Whilst being primarily a studio painter, his work also encompasses printmaking, murals, reclaimed wood, concrete, ceramic tile, sculpture, and site-specific installations.

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