Created and Sold by Lisa Kokin

Lisa Kokin
Art & Wall Decor by Lisa Kokin seen at Castro Valley Library, Castro Valley - Illogical Subordination

Illogical Subordination

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Illogical Subordination is a book collage that adorns a wall at Castro Valley Library. It was created by talented sculptor and artist Lisa Kokin. She is well-known for creating sculptures that develop connections between their material origins and new formulations.
“In my never-ending quest to find different ways to eviscerate books, I stumbled upon the book collage. First I find a book which interests me, either for some element of text, image or marginalia, or for the look of the book itself. Sometimes I remove some of the pages and glue and/or sew the book open to the particular page of interest. Other times I remove all the pages and use the inside covers as the collage surface. I build upon what initially interests me by layering images and text from the same or other books, found photos, and other small objects, using a variety of collage and transfer techniques. Often I scrape away and dig into the surface as well. Many of the books have sculptural protrusions and extensions because I feel that the shape of books should not be limited to a rectangle.”

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