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Created and Sold by Kristin S. Lorson

Unique Vehicle Wrap idea | Art & Wall Decor by Kristin S. Lorson
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Unique Vehicle Wrap idea | Art & Wall Decor by Kristin S. Lorson
Unique Vehicle Wrap idea | Art & Wall Decor by Kristin S. Lorson
Unique Vehicle Wrap idea | Art & Wall Decor by Kristin S. Lorson

Unique Vehicle Wrap idea - Art & Wall Decor

Featured In Wooster, OH

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The Wayne County Public Library Bookmobile. I was given the wonderful freedom to come up with the entire concept, do the research and create the design to completion, working along with the company that was hired to set the wrap. A very exciting project. One side is nonfiction, one side fiction. And, the biggest thing about the art...there is a secret message.."Read Books". It's hidden on both sides for kids to find! The letters, 's' and 'k', appeared to me when I was sketching the country side. I had only just started the sketch, working from the front of the bus to the back of the bus. When I saw the 's'(swirl by the girl) and the 'k'(shape of the tree), the rest just flowed out of my imagination and onto the paper. It was a wonderful gift!

Item Unique Vehicle Wrap idea
As seen in Wooster, Wooster, OH
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Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
I create a one-of-a-kind concept and design, (whether it's a large mural or a small painting), using your stories and/or history and put it all together in a fun and joyful piece of art.

Kristin Lorson, owner and operator of her own art business for 28 years. She started by creating her most popular selling feature, Personality Portraits and later moved on to a larger format art and expanding projects.
Personality Portraits began in April, 1991. A Personality Portrait is all about a person’s life. Some have found their way to distant points on the globe—Scotland, Argentina, and Australia—not to mention all over the United States.
Kristin has expanded her art business, now painting murals for homes and businesses, as well as graphic design, logo design, artist advertisements, and artistic map design.
“I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I am thrilled to be doing what I love and get to meet so many people—many of whom I have gotten to know in a very special way through the interviews and research required for the personal art that I do. A lot of the time one Personality Portrait will lead to many more within the same extended family. So, I’ll get to know one family sometimes better than my own! Many people will commission portraits to mark significant moments in their own lives or those of loved ones. Weddings, anniversaries, graduations, even the occasional passing—Kristin has done paintings for them all.
”The biggest reward is seeing the pleasure, laughter and even sometimes comfort in peoples eyes when they look at their painting for the first time. There is nothing like it!”
Kristin hasn’t been restricted to marking family events, however. Her time is filled doing a great deal of commercial work, also. Kristin will design a mural for your business based on the principal idea of a Personality Portrait. “I will interview the business owners. Get all the research ahead of time and then put all that information into a mural. This mural will then tell the story of the businesses roots. How it began, who founded it and why. It’s a fun way to share with customers the history of a business. As well as an archive for the business itself.
Her first mural was for Gary's Liquor Agency in Wooster. This mural is also the largest. It's six feet off the ground and six feet high by seventy feet long.
The theme of the mural is: Wines of the world and the different regional processes used in them." The mural took eleven weeks to complete and was an incredibly rewarding experience.
Or examples of her mural work are seen at the Orrville YMCA, where she portrayed a ‘America at Leisure’ timeline, along the hallway. This mural was challenging for many reasons, it had to incorporate individuals who paid to have their portraits painted in the painting, along with their chosen hobby. Along with that Kristin did the three 4’ x 10’ murals to flow together according to seasons and time periods. It was quite an undertaking, but worth it!
More large works by Kristin are at: Lehman’s Hardware of Kidron had a ‘Timeline’ mural she did for their 50th Anniversary, displayed at the front entrance of their store. As well as the Wayne County Public Library Bookmobile art wrap that features an original concept and design by Kristin. And, just last summer of 2018, Kristin completed the entire exterior art for the Buckeye Agricultural Museum in Wooster, Ohio.
She is currently finishing up a large wall space in the welcome center at Pleasant Hill Lake Park, in Ohio.