Created and Sold by Kota Ezawa

Kota Ezawa
Art & Wall Decor by Kota Ezawa seen at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, San Francisco - Hotel Movies

Hotel Movies

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Placed in the lobby entrances in the four buildings of Mission Bay Housing, Hotel Movies has image series that address architecture as a building type that functions also as a kind of fictional character - a character defined by the comings and goings of people. It was created by San Francisco-based German artist Kota Ezawa who wanted a movie-like installation on all the lobbies of the building.
"Hotel Movies is a four part installation in each of the lobbies of the Mission Bay Housing block. Each lobby contains a triptych based on a scene of a film where a hotel building plays a central role. The four films referenced are North by Northwest (1959), For Your Eyes Only (1981), Mystery Train (1989) and Casino (1995). Each triptych shows three drawings based on movie still frames from the beginning, middle and end of a film shot establishing the hotel as a location in the movie plot. As a whole the series looks at the nature of this establishing shot across time periods, film genres and filmmaker techniques."

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