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Keith Secola jr.
Art & Wall Decor by Keith Secola jr. seen at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco - Postcolonial Revenge

Postcolonial Revenge

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Group exhibition featuring artist responding colonial structures and systems through art and activism.

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Keith Secola jr.

Meet the Creator

American Indian Contemporary Art and Design.

I grew up in the Southwest and belong to the Ute Indian tribe and Anishanabe Nation. I graduated from California College of the Arts MFA in San Francisco, with a focus on silkscreen printing. My earliest influences come from my father, who is a musician, traveling and exposing me to contemporary Native arts at a young age. These early experiences would influence my life in creative arts. Finding a balance between contemporary life and tradition, I blend printmaking, photographic archives, illustrations, and murals derived from Native American life to transmit indigenous voices, identity, and memory.

Currently work and live in Bay Area, California