Art & Wall Decor by Driessens & van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN seen at Object Rotterdam, Rotterdam - Soundscapes
Art & Wall Decor by Driessens & van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN seen at Object Rotterdam, Rotterdam - Soundscapes
Image credit: WANDSCHAPPEN
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The prices are strongly depending on the sizes of the commissioned art works. Every art work is unique and developed in close collaboration

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The best, annual, art and design show in The Netherlands is OBJECT Rotterdam, during Art Week Rotterdam, in which curator Anne van der Zwaag presents a very delicate selection of innovative designers and artists from The Netherlands. The event takes place every year in the beginning of February.
WANDSCHAPPEN has made a show with the SOUNDSCAPE collection combined with the Felt Plant Collection.
Soundscapes are wall art works, with a special sound absorbing technique inside to improve spaces with bad sound conditions.

Meet the Creator

Driessens & van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN

Driessens & van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN

Rotterdam, Netherlands

"You feel at home where you grow your own plants"

WANDSCHAPPEN is the visual art and design studio, founded by Nicole Driessens & Ivo van den Baar in Rotterdam Charlois, The Netherlands. As designers they have developed products, based on visual art concepts, transformed into producible designs. Their love for textiles and crafts has lead to high quality handmade products, shown and sold worldwide. The collections of Felt Plants, Felt Vases and Felt Wall Objects are the most well known.

The idea of creating the Felt Plants arose from a concept about migration in the neighborhood where WANDSCHAPPEN lives and works. The area, called Charlois, is a notorious part of the city of Rotterdam, where people from all over the world (often refugees coming from war zones) try to start a new life. At the moment people start to decorate their new homes and buy plants the inhabitants of the area know they’ll have new neighbours.

“You feel at home where you grow your plants”.

The Felt Plant thus became a sculptural object on the cutting edge of art and design, inspired by the contours of traditional Dutch plants in the windowsills.

Since 2010 the Felt Plant Collection has been shown all over the world. A large group of artists and craftsmen have been working in the studio to let the collection grow. The collection of WANDSCHAPPEN is still expanding and the intensive co-operation with national and international companies is leading to special projects and shows.
WANDSCHAPPEN gets commissions world wide from interior architects, for projects in hospitality, offices, universities, or private housing.

Available for commission/custom work