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Created and Sold by Deborah Oropallo

Deborah Oropallo

Love and Marriage San Francisco Style - Art & Wall Decor

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Designed by Deborah Oropallo the interlocking Heart, titled LOVE and MARRIAGE, was sponsored by Ambassador James Hormel and Timothy Wu. Located at the San Francisco City Hall, it displays the first names of many of the gay couples married in San Francisco in 2004.
“I wanted to make a heart that would not just be decorative, but somehow be relevant to what is going on in San Francisco today. The list of same-sex names represents some of the 4,161 gay marriages that took place in 29 days and has now become an important part of our city’s history. The names were done on my computer and printed onto canvas with a digital permanent pigment printer. At the center of the heart and the literal focal point are the names of Del Martin, 83, and Phyllis Lyon, 79, who were the first couple to get married on Feb 12. The names fade out away from the center like a drop of water in the middle and its ripple effect. I was extremely happy that the heart was appropriately placed on the spot where these marriages took place.”

Item Love and Marriage San Francisco Style
Created by Deborah Oropallo