Art & Wall Decor by DaWitt seen at Daniela Witt Studio, Leipzig - Patchworkquilt
Art & Wall Decor by DaWitt seen at Daniela Witt Studio, Leipzig - Patchworkquilt
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Item Patchworkquilt
Created by DaWitt

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Fairtrade | Cotton, linen, organic cotton filling | machine pieced and quilted | 1,42 x 1,42 m/ 56 x 56 '' | 2019

If the textiles could tell their story...

This quilt is full of adventurous stories; one fabric, for example, comes from a household liquidation. A man, whose mother and grandmother sewed it, brought me the rest of her fabric. The pieces of fabric - some of them funny - were neatly folded or rolled up and many of the pieces tell what was supposed to come out of them. This information now appears in my works every now and then.

Furthermore a beautiful but totally worn out trouser was sewn, which according to the label is from Nepal and which I found on the street.

In addition, a small money bag, faded curtains, shopping bags, old bed linen, T-shirts etc. have been incorporated. (Of course I wash the fabrics before;-))

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Leipzig, Germany

Contemporary Quilts

After I had learned a lot of clothing industry during my apprenticeship, subsequent studies and various work placement I noted that I have much more pleasure cutting all imaginable textile materials and putting them in a new unexpected context.

For me, the patchwork quilt is the ideal medium for merging colour, material and pattern into a complex visual mesh, thereby emphasising and preserving the beauty of this material. In order to preserve the current zeitgeist, I mainly use old clothes for my work. My attention is drawn at the visible traces of use such as patches, scrapes and holes, because they tell stories from the past life of the textiles and their wearers.

Knowing how much energy and work has to be used for the production of clothing, sustainable resource-saving use of textiles is particularly important to me.

Available for commission/custom work