Created and Sold by Craig Robb

Craig Robb
Art & Wall Decor by Craig Robb seen at The Quayle Building, Denver - Houses


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22 houses hung in the foyer of a new apartment building in Denver

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Craig Robb

Meet the Creator

The craft and the stories to be discovered

American sculptor, Craig Robb is well known for his craftsmanship and attention to detail. His often-oblique themes reflect a curiosity and interest in materials and objects and the stories within them. How allegory and metaphor affect a viewer’s perceptions. He does this through combing found objects or one’s he has created such as a cast iron pear. Their proximity develops into a meaningful interaction that is unique to each viewer. Robb presents his ideas by either merging wood and curved steel to make a platform or he combines objects in multiples to make a statement.

He learned his craft from sculptors such as Lorre Hoffman, Brian Dreith, Bob Mangold and of course, his brother, Kevin Robb. His other influences are Joseph Cornell, Louise Bourgeois and Louise Nevelson.

Robb’s publications include Best of America: Sculpture Artists, Internationale Kunst Heute, Famous, Contemporary Artists and International Contemporary Artists. His sculptures have been exhibited and are collected across the United States