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“Gazing House” Project

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The Gazing House is spatial poetry; it originates from an abstract formal system, composed of two squares divided by a central circulation axis, which unifies all the interior elements into one architectural entity. Accommodating the east-west orientation of the lot, the skylights illuminate the house consistently across all floors and walls through the voids and the openings. At certain hours, the ray of sunlight travels all the way to the basement from the double-height second floor, allowing one to perceive the totality of the house. The windows and other details are also orchestrated within the same spatial order, complementing the poetic experience of the architecture. The façade, expressing the order and geometry of the inside directly, results in a face sneaking forward with two curious eyes; its optimistic presence in the typical Torontonian neighborhood of Scarborough Junction proclaims the possibility of design which belongs to everyone and everywhere.

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Atelier RZLBD

Meet the Creator

Atelier RZLBD is a boutique art & architecture practice based in Toronto founded by architect Reza Aliabadi (OAA, MRAIC); whose work extends to making arts, crafting objects, designing buildings, curating installations, and publishing a zine called rzlbdPOST.

The practice is not just an ordinary operation that serves, rather like a positive virus, it contributes, communicates, challenges, and adapts itself to the needs of each project and its context.

Our work has been distinguished with numerous accolades including the Architecture Master Prize (2018, 2019), American Architecture Prize (2017) and Ontario Association of Architects Awards (2009, 2011); exhibited in many venues including the Sir John Soane’s Museum (London 2018), the World Architecture Festival (Berlin 2017, Amsterdam 2018), the School of Architecture at McGill University (Montreal 2009, 2017), and Toronto Harbourfront Centre (2012); also celebrated in more than 100 print publications.

In 2017 Atelier RZLBD has been selected among the top emerging design talents in Canada. In the same year, the UK publisher Artifice released a monograph, RZLBD HOPSCOTCH, which recognizes the past seven years of Reza’s practice by collecting essays, project profiles, and annotated drawings.