Architecture by KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design seen at Langjökull - The Ice Cave, Langjökull
Architecture by KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design seen at Langjökull - The Ice Cave, Langjökull
Image credit: Sigurjon Ragnar Photography

The Ice Cave, Langjökull

Awards: Winner of ‘Best Landscape Lighting Scheme’ and ‘Best of the Best’ at the darc Awards, 2016

Langjökull is Icelandic for “long glacier”. Ísgöngin Langjökli is the second largest ice cap on Iceland. EFLA started to explore the possibility of making an ice cave in 2010, researching aspects of security, and how long the tunnels will last. The project was sufficiently developed to allow investment in the project without much uncertainty. In 2013, an agreement was made and construction could begin.

The aim of the lighting in the cave was to maximize the visitor experience and to illuminate the natural colours of the ice. Thickness, shapes and ash from volcano eruptions are highlighted throughout the cave. This was achieved by recessing all the light sources into the ice, making the source of light itself completely hidden away from sight.

Client: Icelandic Tourism Fund
Lighting Designer: Ágúst Gunnlaugsson
Photography: Sigurjon Ragnar Photography

Meet the Creator

KSLD was established in 1989 and has built a strong reputation in a wide range of areas over the last three decades. We have an extensive portfolio of award-winning lighting design projects, both locally and internationally.

KSLD joined EFLA Consulting Engineering in November 2018. We are now proud to be KSLD, the EFLA Lighting Design Division. This merger increases the scale of practice and market access throughout the

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Our lighting designers come from arts, architecture and theatre backgrounds. We deal with light as a design medium, unique in its lack of substance but vital in creating the visual impact of a project.