Created and Sold by Gustavo Penna

Gustavo Penna
Architecture by Gustavo Penna seen at Private Residence, Nova Lima - Casa Braga
Image credit: Daniel Mansur and Leonardo Finotti

Casa Braga

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The house is cheerful, full of light and green. The 1,000m² plot indicated an elongated solution that joins front and bottom in spaces surrounded by green. The support and service environments are positioned behind the scenes. Thus, all operations take place without touching the social area. This limit between the times and the functions is a large, high continuous plate, with varied plans and surprises, which runs longitudinally across the entire volume. The coverage accompanies this dynamic, bringing to mind the game of roofs of mining houses. The plant is flexible, internal arrangements can be changed at any time. There is also a sense of cohesion, everything in the house, people and activities coexist and interact. There is no place for loneliness. The atmosphere in the whole and in each part reminds us that the spirit needs more space than the body.

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