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Gustavo Penna
Architecture by Gustavo Penna seen at Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte - Memorial of Japanese Immigration

Memorial of Japanese Immigration

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Museum Monument to Friendship and Its Metaphors. The open-air museum celebrates the friendship between Japan and the state of Minas Gerais and what this relationship was able to build out of concrete and immaterial. The project is a bridge over a lake. The bridge metaphorically links territories, times, ideas and ideals. The lake is like the sea between nations, and also one of challenges, of conquests, of times lived. The actions and works become visible by means of marked dates that emerge from the water, and the submerged spaces represent the regions of the unconscious of feeling and memory. The route starts from symbolic Japan planted with cherry trees to Minas dos Ipês-Brancos. Celebrating Japan and Minas, curved walls depicting the two flags were also arranged on each side: the red circle and triangle. It is a happy analogy that speaks of the synthesis and conciseness common to both peoples. On this wall will be printed in low relief the names of Japanese and miners who participated in the construction of this time of solidarity. The shape of the symmetrical bridge with curves that intertwine evokes at the same time cohesion, continuous movement and interdependence, and generates a museological journey of multimedia resources and accessible language to tell stories of openness, grandeur and friendship.

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