Architecture by Eugene Stoltzfus seen at Private Residence, Harrisonburg - Ha-Smith House
Architecture by Eugene Stoltzfus seen at Private Residence, Harrisonburg - Ha-Smith House
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Item Ha-Smith House
Created by Eugene Stoltzfus
As seen in Private Residence, Harrisonburg, VA

Ha-Smith House

Architecture by Eugene Stoltzfus, as seen in Private Residence, Harrisonburg, VA

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The Ha-Smith House designed by Eugene Stoltzfus Architects’ located in Harrisonburg, Virginia were inspired by a young couple with one child and with contemporary ideas for efficient living with few possessions. They were explicit in requesting a modern, refined aesthetic of concrete and glass construction. The client’s values and requests, lined up so well with Eugene Stoltzfus Architects’ values and strengths, that the house almost designed itself. In addition to efficient space values, the request for concrete and glass included a desire for sustainable passive and active solar design.

Meet the Creator

Eugene Stoltzfus

Eugene Stoltzfus

Harrisonburg, VA

Eugene Stoltzfus Architects + Furniture Design is a contemporary architecture and furniture design company. It was founded by Eugene Stoltzfus in 2006 after he left his position as Chairman and President of Rosetta Stone, the language software company, and returned to his original profession and passion as an architect.

In his architectural work, Eugene Stoltzfus identifies appropriate geometries that facilitate the required functions and integrate context, site, view, light, and the natural world into each project. His work incorporates green concepts from building orientation and efficient building envelope design to solar energy, vegetative roofs, natural daylighting and photovoltaic electricity applications. In addition, Eugene and his team seek and acquire extraordinary properties to offer to clients along with design services that bring to life the collaborative vision of the client and the architect.

The items Eugene Stoltzfus is presenting were originally part of his residential work. The strong response they elicited suggested that they should be offered to the general public.
The elemental elegance of Eugene Stoltzfus’s objects reflects the natural beauty and strengths inherent in their materials. The final distilled form of each object reveals itself at the nexus of the contributing essentials: the qualities of the materials, the functional requirements, the perception of the forces at play, the machine and fabrication characteristics, and the unexpected opportunities that present themselves during the iterative design process.

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