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Created and Sold by Paul Marlow

Paul Marlow

Sommelier and Server Uniforms - Apparel & Accessories

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Paul Marlow designed the servers and sommelier uniform for Nix. For their sommelier, Andrea Morris, Marlow designed a different dress for each night of the week. Some of her dresses veer Moroccan and others feel more Indian or Czech-inspired
The server uniforms were custom-made for the restaurant too and, sadly, aren't available to consumers. The navy blue, Japanese art smock-inspired uniforms for servers are made of Ikat: a dyed, patterned, and woven material made in India. The thin, soft fabric gathers above the elbow and flows as the servers carry dishes across the room. The men on staff wear navy blue with white polka dot button downs; everyone matches.

Item Sommelier and Server Uniforms
Created by Paul Marlow
Paul Marlow
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Paul Marlow is a made-to-measure and custom clothing company, based in New York City. The company's suits and shirts are hand-crafted and locally manufactured with the finest clothes from around the world.