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Agate Inspired Blues Macrame | Macrame Wall Hanging in Wall Hangings by TexturizeYourEyes by Amber Kokenge | Botanic and Luxe in Santa Cruz. Item made of cotton
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Image credit: Botanic and Luxe

Agate Inspired Blues Macrame - Wall Hangings

Featured In Botanic and Luxe, Santa Cruz, CA

Starts at $375

Creation: 4-6 weeks

Agate inspired blues macrame wall hangings made especially for Botanic and Luxe by Amber Kokenge.

Item Agate Inspired Blues Macrame
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TexturizeYourEyes by Amber Kokenge
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
I love to play in texture

Visual artist weaving the essence of Nature and the fabrics of existence to create textured reflections. I utilize only naturally and humanely sourced materials consisting of both organic and recycled compounds. Visualize*Conceptualize*Texturize