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Created and Sold by Satyendra Pakhalé

Satyendra Pakhalé

Add-On radiator - Hardware

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Pakhalé created Add-On Radiator with a beginner’s mind, as if the radiator was being made for the very first time. This defiance to rely on conventional notions of the generic radiator led to a design that implied something not merely novel, but actually new. He started from the premise of what a radiator ought to do, which is to effectively warm the air around it. Proceeding to sculpt the piece with a high degree of abstraction as an assembly of modular elements creating rhythmic volumes and densities, Pakhalé created a unique modular heating system based on an element which can be integrated into any architectural setting. Add-On Radiator can be placed on a wall, recessed or used as a space divider connected to floor and ceiling. It is not only a typological innovation, but also fulfils more utilitarian needs than conventional radiators – offering faster temperature regulation with less power – and conforms to international safety requirements.

Satyendra Pakhalé
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Polymath designer with dazzling dexterity

Selected as one of L'Uomo Vogue magazine's 80 most influential creative people, multifaceted designer Satyendra Pakhalé (born 1967, India) stands at the crossroads of the diverse currents shaping contemporary design, from industrial design, electronics, transportation and home appliances to furniture, architecture and interior design. Pakhalé known for poetic sensorial design trained both in India and Switzerland has been active in the field of industrial design, transportation and architectural design from his studio in Amsterdam. He was part of the pioneering new business creation team at Philips Design in the mid-1990s, conceiving some of the first product ideas for new digital communication technologies and transportation design.

His design work is an act of unity going beyond any binary such as high and low tech, industrial production and traditional crafts, functionality and poetic significance. Over the last 20 years Pakhalé has cultivated a design practice through numerous innovative design projects for leading clients. He has developed a world¬wide reputation for designing diverse product typologies, pushing the limits of technology and materials. His ongoing curiosity and cultural pluralism has led to limited-edition pieces and one-offs besides industrial design and architecture projects. MoMA senior design curator Paola Antonelli has said of his work, "No matter how abstract the form, it shows that Satyendra Pakhalé ... is a champion of a new chapter in the history of design."

His clients include among other Alcantara, Alessi, Cappellini, Franke, Fiam, Hästens, Moon Life Foundation, Poltrona Frau, Novartis and Tod’s. He has lectured worldwide and was invited to head the Master of Design for Humanity and Sustainable Living, Design Academy Eindhoven from 2006-2010. His works are in permanent collections at prestigious museums throughout the world, among which the Victoria and Albert Museum London, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Centre Pompidou, Paris.