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Champagne Diner

Seattle, WA

945 Elliott Ave W, Seattle 98119, WA
945 Elliott Ave W, Seattle 98119, WA
Champagne Diner, Restaurants, Interior Design
Interior Design by Bowman Design

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How does the design of your space (or an element of the design) impact the experiences people have there?

"While the theme is ‘diner’, the brand’s identity is rooted in quality cocktails and natural wine, including retail wine. We wanted the space to feel familiar but also someplace special where a guest can have a really special experience."

What is the interior design style of your space?

"Modern diner vibes"

What Custom/Original Element do your guests notice most often? What do they say about it?

"It is a draw between the lighting and the table tops. The custom gemstone terrazzo tables by PNW maker Sasha Burchuk of New Age Design each table top is one of a kind and each individual stones have a mood and feeling. It is definitely a moment of surprise when guests realize what they are and how special each piece is. The lighting is a blend of classic diner globe lighting and a play on neon lights. The middle chandeliers are three tubed lights that hang criss-cross, they not only make a statement in the middle of the room, but also make a reflection in a glass of wine that is similar to the spark marks that are a part of Champagne Diner's logo."