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citizenM New York

New York, NY

Specializing in what it calls "affordable luxury," citizenM New York is something of a mixture between the hostels of your youth and an ultra-modern, funky boutique property, with the type of stylish but cramped sleeping quarters you'd find in a pod hotel.

But you don't really go to New York to spend all your time in a hotel room anyway. CitizenM stands for "citizen mobility," and they really do encourage you to get out, meet people and explore. A rooftop lounge area on the 21st floor beckons with drinks, covered outdoor seating and great views. Communal spaces are designed to encourage interaction with fellow travelers. Located on 50th Street, it's within striking distance of Central Park and Manhattan's Theater District, for starters,

From the self-check-in, airport-style kiosks to its spacious, living room-like lobby filled with colorful knickknacks and whimsical art, there's plenty to like about citizenM.

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