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Unique Espresso Cups

Your espresso cup might be one of the first things you use in your day, so you’ll want to make sure it sets the tone with the design style you love most. Although they are small in comparison to other tableware items, espresso cups can have the most intricate and unique designs. Explore our collection below to find the one that fits you best.

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Just like all tableware items, espresso cups come in a variety of different materials. Wecover’s handmade espresso cups can be found in white porcelain, stoneware, gold, pigmented porcelain, clay or terracotta. With the ability to be left matte or made into a glazed masterpiece, these espresso cups all have unique finishes that set them apart from big-brand espresso cups. Because each Creator individually handmakes their set of cups, each one is unique and special to the time and place it was made.

Most of the espresso cups found on Wescover are made with a neutral color palette, keeping up with the contemporary aesthetics of today. However, if you prefer bolder colors and spicy designs, you can still find them here! In this collection, Creators have made espresso cups with hand painted 24K gold, applied in liquid form by a thin calligraphy brush! Along with that, ceramic artists have also made espresso cups with tribal patterns, amber glazes, peach-colored shapes, geometric turquoise patterns, and cups found in colors like peach blossom, marsala, and vermillion.