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Handmade Ceramic Pendants

Lighting doesn`t have to be boring, nor do your light fixtures. Break away from staid and tired lighting design with funky and modern ceramic pendant lights.

Ceramic is having a moment, and what better way to dress your ceilings than with handmade ceramic light pendants that provide a different type of glow.

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Finding the perfect light can be tricky. You want something classic yet in style and fresh, and you definitely don’t want to hang an eyesore in your rooms. Whether you want to make a big statement or keep it understated, Wescover’s selection of ceramic pendants is sure to tickle your design tastebuds. Ceramic never really goes out of style. Though its popularity may wane from time to time, this functional and beautiful style of pottery is always “in.” You can’t go wrong with ceramic pendant lights when it comes to lighting solutions either. When ceramic pendant lights are crafted to be thin, the ambient light that shines through the pendant is soft, warm, and inviting.

Alternatively, make an impact in your spaces by hanging a chunky, funky, and oh-so cool ceramic dome pendant light. Place one above your dining table to dress the space or make an otherwise boring hallway fresh and modern.

Wescover’s pick of the best ceramic light pendants includes perforated options. Perfectly placed holes in the pendants allow light to stream out and make dappled light patterns in your rooms. Add a touch of whimsy and fun and let the light shine down and out. Each delicate ceramic pendant light in our collection is produced by talented creators who make each piece by hand, so no two ceramic light pendants are exactly the same. Choose small-batch handcrafted light pendants and dress your rooms to perfection.