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Floor Lamps

By choosing a unique and handmade item, you can make your floor lamp a design statement rather than just a filler piece for that empty corner! Floor lamps are versatile pieces of lighting that can be placed anywhere for extra illumination. Explore our collection of floor lamps below so you can find the piece that matches your office, bedroom, living room, or studio.

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Deciding why you want or need a floor lamp is the first step in choosing what design is right for you. If you need a floor lamp just to fill an empty space, you can choose a lamp that is more bold and less flexible. For example, our collection includes sturdy floor lamps that are meant solely to illuminate the room — a curved floor stand lamp with a round shade, a black and silver leaf floor lamp, or a woven lampshade with a three-legged stand. If you are looking for a floor lamp that is moveable for the task at hand, our collection includes a variety here! The streamlined Laito Floor Lamp is the definition of function and fashion with its bendable neck and leaning stand. Another option in this collection is the Hercules Floor Lamp made of copper and matte black. This lamp has a dim LED light with a swirling switch, a rotating lamp shade, and an arced lever.

Material is another consideration when choosing your floor lamp. For a more classic floor lamp, you can opt for steel, glass, brass or wood lamps. If you’re going for a more unique floor lamp, you can check out lamps made from recycled cardboard, gold plate, wire or even copper leaf. Level of illumination is also important to consider — Wescover floor lamps often come with the light bulb as a part of the design! LED lights can be used for brighter illumination, while warmer lights are perfect to create a soft glow in your space.