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Unique Desk Lamps

Your workspace is meant to create a productive (and maybe even creative) environment… A high-quality desk lamp is key for this! It’s safe to say that your desk is probably a place you spend most of your time when working in the office or at home. When you spend ample time somewhere, design that reflects your style makes everything much more enjoyable. Below is our page full of desk lamps – tiny desk lamps, geometric bar lamps, blown glass desk lamps and more.

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The first thing to consider when choosing your next desk lamp is size. Do you have a small desk that can’t hold much more on its surface? Or do you have a large corner desk that needs some eye catching design? Maybe you have a medium sized desk that is ready to take on any size desk lamp. In this collection, sizes vary, yet some of our favorite types of desk lamps are the following: the long and streamlined Z-Bar lamp in black or silver, the tall and voluminous geometric lamp that celebrates sculpture and luxury design, and the compact Scandinavian Cell desk lamp, made from bamboo and metal.

Material and look of your desk lamp is the second step in choosing your ideal desk lamp. Here, you can find desk lamps made from materials like brass, opaline glass, nickel, silver, blown glass, walnut, maple… the list goes on, so make sure to check them all out!