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Handmade Crystal Chandeliers

Including crystals in a chandelier allows light to absorb and reflect in a mesmerising way that will be sure to draw attention from all passerbys. Crystal chandeliers are often used in modern glam interiors, luxurious interiors, and traditional interiors. Whether it be for your own home, a residential project, or a commercial site, crystal chandeliers never disappoint.


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When you think of crystal chandeliers, words like “extravagant” or “grandiose” might come to mind. Don’t let that steer you away from them though, as you can also find minimal crystal chandeliers to complete your space! Size and shape are both aspects to think about when purchasing a crystal chandelier. If you want to make it the statement piece of your foyer, for example, you can explore low-hanging chandeliers, geometric crystal chandeliers and even large-scale chandeliers. If you want something more toned down, you can opt for a minimalistic chandelier, a thin crystal chandelier, or one that resembles a drop pendant. Crystal chandeliers come in all shapes – drop lighting pieces for tall ceilings, wide ballroom chandeliers for large venues, or a custom chandelier that can be designed in any way you please. Lastly, the type of crystal is also an important piece to your next lighting design. The choices are vast, but the most common crystal types used for chandeliers are the Spectra crystal, Swarovski crystal, and glass crystals.