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Black Chandeliers

Black chandeliers are the bold pop that every space could make great use of. With its dark nature, these elegant chandeliers can act as the perfect accent piece. In other cases, black chandeliers can be used to cast light on all of the individual designs in an existing room. Explore our vast collection of contemporary and traditional chandelier designs that are handmade, unique, and crafted by individual artists and designers.


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Like every kind of chandelier, styles in black can come in all shapes and sizes. In this collection, we have everything from sun chandeliers, geometric chandeliers, draped chandeliers and globe chandeliers to grouped chandeliers and cage chandeliers. Finishes are another choice when it comes to purchasing your next lighting design – matte, gloss and natural and the most common options, yet with special request towards Creators, the options are sure to open up!
The best part about black chandeliers are that they are completely versatile when considering interior design styles. Because of their neutral color, they work well with modern glam, contemporary, Scandinavian, rustic, traditional, organic modern and even boho interiors when styled well! Some of our favorite designs when it comes to black chandeliers are CP Lighting’s GROWTH pieces, Daniel Becker Studio’s Group of Five piece, and Ilanel Design’s Black Rain chandeliers that are made to create the appearance of textured light.