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Handmade Beaded chandeliers

Beaded chandeliers — elegant, luxurious and timeless. These chandeliers are usually placed in more classic, traditional, and upscale spaces, but don’t be misled. Beaded chandeliers can be placed in any style space, as their intensity can be brought down with different kinds of materials and sizes!


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Beaded chandeliers have the ability to transform all kinds of interiors. These chandeliers aren’t just used for the most elegant and glamorous interiors, but can also be placed in farmhouse-styled spaces and bohemian interiors, as well. The beads and structural parts of a beaded chandelier are made up of various materials, some including handmade ceramic, crystal, ivory, stoneware, glass, metal, silver leaf and iron.

Because these elegant chandeliers are so detailed, the process in creating a beaded chandelier is quite meticulous and special. Depending on the shape and size, it can take days to craft a beaded chandelier as single parts are strung onto the inner skeleton. Some beaded chandeliers have multiple layers with beads on the surface and on the inside, where the eye usually does not focus.

Handmade beaded chandeliers can be placed anywhere in a space. In public spaces — restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts — they are often the main point of focus. Large chandeliers are often hung in the center of the foyer while small chandeliers are hung above seating areas, pool tables, and anywhere that doesn’t need another centerpiece. In private spaces, like homes, bead chandeliers can be placed in the entryway, above the dining table, or even in hanging over the kitchen island.