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Modern Lounge Chairs

A lounge chair is a necessary piece of furniture for your everyday living room, outdoor patio, or sitting room! Lounge chairs come in all kinds of designs, shapes, sizes, so we’ve compiled a list of 50+ items that will fit any need and any space.

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Contemporary lounge chairs have the ability to bring personality into your space, showing function and fashion working together.

Most of our collection of lounge chairs are versatile and meant to be used across all kinds of interior design styles. On the other hand, our list also includes style-specific designs — modern glam chairs made of velvet or suede that play with different textures, organic modern chairs designed with natural leathers, or chic farmhouse chairs created with a variety of hardwoods.

The shape and feel of a chair is another factor to bring into the conversation! If you’re more focused on comfort, we’d recommend going for a lounge chair that supports and molds to your form, allowing ample space to rest your limbs. If you’re concentrated on aesthetics rather than function, materials and shape are less of a worry! Go for the wire lounge chairs that add geometric design or angular hardwood chairs that add a rustic feel.