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Ocean Painting

Whether you long to be near the ocean or you actually live by the seaside, ocean paintings can be calming, serene additions to your space. Ocean paintings can create a sense of tranquility and closeness to nature because of their tendency to play on color ranges between blue and green. Explore our entire collection of ocean paintings below!

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Ocean paintings come in all styles and colors — some are more realistic, picturing large waves with frothy peaks while others are more abstract, playing with blended colors and geometric shapes to depict the strength of the ocean.

In our collection of ocean paintings, our Creators have used many different materials. Acrylic, spray paint, resin, watercolor and oil are some materials that have been used (just to name a few)! Mixed media ocean paintings are becoming increasingly popular, and they are some of our favorites, as well. Acrylic and resin ocean paintings are some of the most prevalent in our collection, as artists mix these two materials to create a more realistic gloss, mimicking the watery texture of the ocean. Wood and acrylic or oils are also another popular form of ocean paintings — artists will use a slab of redwood, pine wood, or mango wood as the base of the piece. Layering paint on top of the wood creates an ocean painting with more depth and character, relating it back to other forms of nature.