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Black and White Painting

Black and white paintings are timeless, bold additions that are a go-to when adding art to your space. Our collection below holds heirloom paintings and prints that come in all styles, from organic modern, geometric and traditional to Scandinavian and contemporary. Pick your style, choose your painting, and get tips from our Creators below!

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Black and white paintings are unique compared to paintings that use a wide variety of colors because they allow the audience to focus on the composition and shapes that arise. The colors black and white are often seen as base colors, so they are easy on the eyes and show what the artist wants them to see. These paintings are just like any other, and use all kinds of materials including gouache, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media and oil.

In this collection, we have an array of paintings that use different techniques and styles. Some of our favorite pieces include Melissa Mary Jenkins’ design made with layers of charcoal, thread and ink, along with Julie Schumer’s design created with mixed media on archival paper that explores line and depth with acrylic marks. One other favorite of ours is Ilana Greenberg’s abstract painting for a New York City apartment, made with the intention of contrasting “antique” and “ornate” aesthetics for the purpose of creating a Parisian feel.