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Abstract Art Paintings

Abstract paintings are designs that bring creativity, soft color blends, geometric shapes, and playful aesthetics into any space. In general, abstract paintings refer to art that is created through emotions, feelings and thoughts, and do not have to accurately depict what is being conveyed. Along with that, abstract paintings are up for interpretation in the viewer’s eyes!

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Each piece of abstract art on Wecover is handmade by independent artists and small studios! If you’re looking to buy an original abstract painting, the options are endless and you can create a meaningful relationship with the creator when purchasing. If you’re on a lower budget, no worries! Many – if not the majority – of abstract artists on Wescover also produce their pieces in custom-sized prints.

Abstract paintings are versatile and can fit into any interior design style. If you have a more organic modern home, opt for a geometric abstract painting that plays with organic shapes and patterns and a neutral color palette. If you have colorful, bold interiors, you can explore Wescover’s abstract paintings that use a bright color palette and sharper shapes. You might have an industrial-styled home or space in which case abstract paintings with line designs and shades of greys and blacks would work best!