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Wall Murals

Make a serious statement in your home or venue and stand out from the crowd with a one-off interior mural. Find a muralist and choose a design that brings your space to life here.

Wall stickers and wallpaper fade and peel away over time, but an interior mural will last a lifetime. Choose an artist and a style for your hand-painted interior mural here.


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From chinoiserie to florals, geometric to graphic, and every style in between, you can find a fine art muralist to bring your room or venue to life here at Wescover. Interior murals are a sure-fire way to make a strong statement, tell a visual story, or set a mood.

Interior murals are painted directly on your walls or ceiling by muralists, artists who work on a large scale to create impact. Interior murals don’t have to be reserved for large wall expanses either — even smaller rooms can carry an interior mural feature with aplomb. Try a graphic image mural on one wall of a venue to give a strong sense of your company’s brand, for instance, or decorate your home with floor to ceiling motifs.

Because murals are hand painted on walls, they last a lot longer than both wallpaper and wall stickers. And in any case, the latter is a poor approximation of true wall art. Wescover brings you a selection of the best muralists around the world. Each muralist offers their own unique outlook and style, so you’re spoilt for choice. Go big and bold with strong geometric lines, a graphic street art image, or dip your toes into color-blocking with crisp lines and attention-grabbing shades.