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Mountain Mural

Exuding strength, nature and creativity, mountain murals are one of the most awe-inspiring architectural artworks that you can add to a space. Because mountains are so dimensional, artists can easily play with color, texture and depth, making mountain murals even more incredible and astonishing. Explore our collection below!"

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Mountain murals can be created in all kinds of art styles: abstract (the most common in our collection), modern, contemporary, traditional… the list goes on. With that said, mountain murals can be fit for any space, no matter the design style of the area.

Because of the depths of mountains, creators can experiment quite easily with their landscape, studying the mountain’s background and foreground. Overlapping the mountain outlines and mountain ranges can also help with creating a more unique mountain mural. When doing this, artists typically use lighter colors for the background, creating a look of being further away. For the foreground, they usually use darker colors so the mountain looks closer to the viewer.

Mountain murals might be more common than you think! Being so versatile, mountain murals can be placed almost anywhere. In our collection you can find examples of mountain murals in nurseries (to create a cozy, camping aesthetic), in office buildings (to promote creativity), in restaurants (to match the location of the space), and even in public spaces.