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Join Wescover’s Marketplace to promote and sell your work online. Marketplace Creators are visionary, professional Creators — who are actively creating and selling their work. Wescover’s audience of Interior Design and home buyers trust these creators when sourcing for their projects.
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Perks for Our Creators

Promotion on Wescover

Rank Higher & Get Recommended - Creators in the Marketplace are trusted sellers who we feel confident promoting to our community of buyers. Their items appear more often across Wescover’s feed and cross browsing. When asked for recommendations by trade professionals, Wescover’s team looks for a fit within our Marketplace first. Joining the Marketplace makes you eligible for extra promotion outside of the site, like paid ads and editorial opportunities.

Actively Selling Badge / Buy Now Button

Stand out on Wescover. - Get a badge on your Creator page that you’re actively creating, which signals to buyers that you’re available and encourages them to inquire. As a member of the Marketplace, you’ll also qualify for an add to cart / buy now button. This is available for items that are made to order or in stock, and this feature leads to higher purchase conversions for buyers on Wescover. Reach out to us if you’re not sure if buy-now would be a fit for you!

Sales Support

We help convert inquiries to transactions by following up with potential buyers via email and SMS text notifications. Our team is here to support your business goals and help with anything else we can. You will be able to connect with buyers directly on our platform using our messaging or phone call options.


Payments are supported on the site using Stripe, our secure payment processor. Buyers can make immediate purchases on made to order or in stock items with the “buy now” button or by sending a custom payment request on the site.

Access to a Shipping Partner

As a member of the Wescover Marketplace, you have access to use our white glove shipping partner, Arta, for any buy-now items on your page. Arta provides real-time quote calculations for buyers during the checkout process. They pack, pickup and ship to any US location and provide transport insurance and transit damage support for all of their shipments. You are not required to use Arta to ship your buy-now items on Wescover. You can offer free or fixed shipping on buy-now items instead, or you can find and offer your own shipping quotes on inquiry only items.

Who Qualifies?

Authentic Brands

You’re transparent about who your brand is and how you make products. Ideally, you’re an independent artist or studio brand where we can credit the creativity and vision to a person or group of people.

Active on Wescover

You have a live Creator Page on Wescover showcasing 5+ items with pricing (could be “starts at…”). You’re adding new works in-context and have sold work professionally (ideally to a public space).

Provides Consistent Customer Service

You reply to buyers’ inquiry messages within 2 days and offer a consistent buyer experience by chatting with them through Wescover’s messaging system or phone call service. You make sure that buyers can access all the information they need to make a decision via your Wescover page or attachments you send through Wescover. If you need help deciding how to share info like variants or specs, we can help you strategize!


15% Commission

Wescover will take a 15% commission on the purchase price for inquiries started via Wescover and which translate to paid business. Please be honest about your Wescover Leads - commissions will be invested back into paid promotions for our Marketplace creators. We are working with Stripe (Shopify’s payment partner) for worldwide Credit Card payment, and they take a 3% transaction fee. 

Keep Conversations on Wescover 

Only communicate with potential buyers through your inquiry inbox. By keeping conversations on Wescover, we can protect you and the buyer, as well as assist in closing the transaction and resolving possible disputes. Please treat all potential buyers with respect and make an effort to answer their inquiries within 2 business days. 

Add Pricing 

Pricing is essential for us to promote your work however it doesn’t have to be exact. You can add a starting price, price range, or exact price. Some idea of pricing will enable us to run ads for your items and recommend products to buyers within their budget. Your quote should be competitive to other places you offer your services.

Mark “Sale Made” or “Not a Fit” 

Stay organized and don’t let buyers’ messages slip through the cracks. Once a deal is done or if you decide not to work with a client, mark the message in your inquiry inbox. This will also provide data to our team, so we better understand who to connect with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to the Marketplace

  • Let us promote your work online
  • Get sales tools and help connecting with qualified buyers
  • Give a 15% Commission —only on sales made thanks to Wescover
Spring Joy, painting by Melanie Biehle in Creator’s Studio, WA.