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Zephyr Graffiti - Street Murals and Public Art
Zephyr Graffiti
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Zephyr Graffiti

New York, NY

“Going by the street alias of Zephyr, Andrew Witten is a fantastic example of how old school graffiti painting is still making a tremendous impact on urban art. Like many of his contemporary peers, Zephyr mostly concentrated on tagging his pseudonym all over walls and subway trains of New York City. He is furthermore credited with several innovations that really altered the course street art was headed during the 1970s and 1980s. Besides being a successful graffiti genius, Witten is also a renowned lecturer and author of diverse books concerning many aspects of street painting and how seasoned urban artists used to do things in their own time.
Being a cogwheel of such revolutionary reforms like the transition to galleries and touring around the world with nothing else but his graffiti, Zephyr can comfortably be acknowledged as a milestone in street art history.
This old school graffiti author is still active, although he doesn’t paint as much as he once did – these days, Andrew Witten focuses more on solidifying his reputation as a true street art legend by holding lectures and being associated with numerous publication and documentary films about graffiti scene.”

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