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Hi all,

I am Zana and it is a short message from me!

I have been painting since early childhood because I have a natural talent for it. When I was a teenager I finished a local art school in my hometown and forgot the painting for a few decades. Last year I found myself not once thinking about the memories sparked by smell of paints. It was a well-known smell – smell of the imagination, paper, canvas and brushes. In the middle of January 2018 I told to myself – it is time to be open to myself and I have embarked on my passion – painting. Now I am an independent artist and happy to present to you my paintings!

I am continuously developing my style but always concentrate at the moments. I just try to catch the moment’s emotion by brushstrokes and vibrant colors.

Originally, I am Lithuanian but the last nine years I lived in Dublin, Ireland. My inspiration – nature or space + imagination.

If you have a question or you like the painting but would like to get it in a different size or color, please feel free to contact me!

I always publish my work under my nickname – ZanArt. On each picture, you will find written by brushstrokes in two different inks (Orange and Cyan) my nickname ZanArt and the year, when it was painted.

Welcome to ZanArt online gallery in Wescover!

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