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Zac Ridgely

Toronto, Canada

"Zac Ridgely approaches all of his work with an artistic edge. A graduate of the Fine Arts program at Emily Carr, he is a trained artist who uses his talent in the medium of light.

The son of a famed Canadian architect Zac grew up surrounded by creativity and quickly learned how to navigate his way through architectural drawings and job sites. In 2000 he founded Ridgely Studio Works as a way to explore his passion for sculpture and light. The Studio rapidly became a favorite go-to for local architects and designers who were looking for special and unique pieces that were able to make a statement while fitting perfectly into their surroundings.

The Studio has continued to grow steadily over the last 17 years and now services international clients through their standard product line with custom capabilities. Recently the Studio has expanded into select furniture design and build. Ridgely himself is available for custom one off artistic pieces.

Ridgely Studio Works head office and fabrication workshop is located in Toronto."
Wescover creator since 2017

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