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Yossi Kotler

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

​When I am walking around outside in nature, by investigating my path and my creativity, there is suddenly a spark that catches my eyes, that I can reflect to its shapes, texture, and to its colors. And this starts a creative process in me.
Then I will search for a female figure with a unique look with some of mysterious, which can be best for me to draw and to paint.
After that, I will use some digital painting programs in order to draw and sketch and to integrate the nature elements, texture and colors that all together reflect out of this process.
After the digital process, I start a process that is more traditional, by using brushes with acrylic, ink, graphite, color pencil, aerosol paints, and whatever that is necessary for the final result.

My art is integrating the beauties of nature with a mysterious femininity that wraps it.
Hello, my name is Yossi Kotler I am an artist and a designer. graduated "Wizo college of design" in Haifa Israel in graphic design, in the years 1988 - 1992. I have worked in the field of visual design as a creative director. I have achieved many awards in graphic and product design. some of my artwork is in private collections. I love to work with acrylic on canvas, oil pastel, ink, charcoal, digital art & mix media. I get inspired by the internet and by the life around me. my artworks are very colorful and strong with a lot of layers. I don't thinks that I have one style because I am exploring all the time different style. I can be very accurate in the details and very free, it depends on what I want to achieve.
Wescover creator since 2020

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