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YESCKA - Street Murals and Public Art
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Oax., Mexico

"I started to make graffiti when I was 15. Later, I went to a college of art where I combined fine arts with street art. In 2006, there was a strong social and political movement in my state (Oaxaca) and I felt the necessity to communicate what was going on. I wanted to reveal all the violence and our experiences through art.
At that point, me and other artists from my city founded a collective called ASARO, short for Asamblea de Artistas revolucionarios de Oaxaca. We started to use art to criticize the social and political situation. It’s an attempt to re-integrate art into society. I feel that art right now is standing outside society because it belongs to a limited sector of galleries, intellectuals and museums. I believe, art is for everybody and that’s why we’re trying to create a link, so that the people can get in touch with art in their everyday lifes again."