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Yasmin Tajik Fine Art Prints

Yasmin Tajik Fine Art Prints

Fountain Hills, AZ

"I've lit the fire, come gather around and let's share stories."
Growing up as a first-generation American citizen, Yasmin Tajik has a deep connection to culture, traditions, and appreciation of all walks of life. With a notable educational background including both a Bachelors’s degree and a Masters in Business Administration, she’s a tourist of knowledge.

Yasmin is a self-taught photographer who felt a need to shift her photography focus towards highlighting social causes and bringing awareness to humanitarian issues. As a world traveler, Yasmin sees that with grounds to cover, come sublime stories to capture in photography and to display for future generations to treasure.

For Yasmin, it’s never been enough to capture stories in her art, her art is meant for something deeper so she contributes proceeds from her work to the causes she’s spotlighting. She’s partnered with various organizations to help them make strides in their movement.

When you purchase a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind gallery piece from chronicler, Yasmin Tajik, you’re contributing to the next story to be shared. You’re shedding light on causes and movements around the globe. When you display the artwork in your home, you’ll know that you were included in a crusade for global living rights.

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