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Paris, France

Fabien Mazé, mostly known as Xkuz, is an artist born in 1985 in Hauts-de-France region located in the north of France. Since he was a child he always had an eye for drawing and when he got interested in hip hop culture, he obviously appeared to be into graffiti. He was attracted by the fact that it was illegal, and in 1998 he drew his first tags which were mainly on the walls next to railways or on the main roads of his region.

This was the beginning of a decade of activism. He took a graphic art training in 2008 which appeared to be a turning point in his life as he became more interested in aesthetics than the fact of being seen. Abandoned buildings became his main playground as he could find a sense of liberty and the best conditions to complete his frescos. He became passionate about urban exploration, so he spent most of his time in disused industrial estates which he particularly appreciates for their architecture.

Alphabet and painting are the two main subjects for the artist, whose goal is an approach of transmission and communication. While the information is becoming multifaceted, sometimes indecipherable, XKUZ deconstructs the letter mimicking the difficult interpretations of signs in the modern communication. The image becomes the content, the shape makes sense, in a singular approach where the color, even without outlines, becomes an information vector.

In recent years, XKUZ also developes his workshop work by producing silkscreen prints, printings and engravings that he regularly exposes alone, or with his collectif: The Dislexik Crew. In addition, he participates in many graffiti festivals and international Street Art like The Meeting of style in Kosovo, in Germany, in Poland and in Denmark, but also in France with the Shake Well (Bordeaux), Colorama (Biarritz), 10e Art ( Aurillac), MX29 (Morlaix) or Graphic Art (Puteaux).
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