Portland, OR

"Modern goods crafted to brighten your space."
Are you as obsessed with design as we are? Good, let’s talk about details. Details make the design and in our products, we’ve thought through all of them, from the dished notch on our shaker peg rail that keeps your coat in place, to the sleek handmade wood cap that conceals the exposed hardware on our wall shelves.

Our modern, yet playful goods are made with care from solid, time-tested materials. Workshop is based in Portland, Oregon and co-founded by siblings Drew Meisel and Emily Ediger. From building forts in the coastal Oregon woods to Lego castles in the living room, we’ve been designing together since childhood.

We’re proud of our home state, and supporting our small maker and manufacturing community. And we’re taking a stand against disposable fast furniture. Everything we design and produce is sourced, touched, and crafted by talent spanning Oregon. We also strive for elements of interchangeability and customization in many of our goods—making each product as unique as you. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to modify our goods to suit your changing needs and tastes. They are heritage pieces that can be adapted over time.

Your space matters. Our goods matter. That’s why we mean every word when we say they’re worth a damn.

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