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Wolfgang C.R. Mezger - Chairs and Furniture
Wolfgang C.R. Mezger
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Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

Göppingen, Germany

"For over 33 years, Wolfgang C.R. Mezger has been setting professional designer trends in furniture design together with a team. Both Swabian precision and the courage to go for unusual solutions distinguish the sophisticated cosmopolitan. Properties which again and again inspire him to design new office furniture. These days the designer ranks among the internationally renowned specialists for executive offices. Mezger’s working approach is distinguished by professionalism right through from the initial vision to execution. Preceding every new design is a fully developed overall concept. One to have been shaped by the cultural spirit, Mezger formulates lifestyle proposals. And he breaks them down into the finest detail. In response to complex questions, he finds simple and nonetheless refined solutions.“

"Harmonious concepts and intelligent details are the hallmark of Mezger’s aesthetic philosophy. He finds the answers to complex questions with simple solutions. His feeling for the spirit of the times speaks to the customer as can be seen in projects for Brunner from Germany, Artifort from the Netherlands and Davis from the USA."