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William Park - Street Murals and Paintings
William Park
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William Park

Portland, OR

My work consists of paintings with acrylic and/or oil on panels and stretched canvas. Geometric shapes are the driving force behind much of the work, often suggesting industrial like shapes or other configurations that at the least might be deemed a visual inconvenience or maybe even a blight on the landscape. I thrive on the challenge of taking these often misunderstood structures and doing what I can to make them beautiful. The paint, which until now has been happily sitting on the pallet begins to move. I may slather it around the pallet for awhile then we move to the canvas and begin a SPONTUITIVE process. I take on the role of a backseat driver. I have some influence but the painting is the driver. I follow my intuitive impulses as suggested by the movement of the paint on canvas. Although I seldom have a particular place in mind, memories of places I’ve seen or been to will come up and affect my responses. I love paint and all the possible ways of slathering and glopping and moving this seductive material around the pallet and painting surfaces. I want to be surprised with the results. I’m not interested in mimicking some preconceived idea or image. When the paintings really work these primarily geometric shapes feel alive, like they are still evolving.