Wild Shaman Kilims + Rugs

Portland, OR

"Wild Shaman is a unique Portland, Oregon rug shop experience. Discover wildly beautiful handmade vintage Turkish rugs, kilims and accessories."
In one sense, Wild Shaman is a Portland, Oregon-based rug shop specializing in rare and antique Anatolian rugs and kilims.

But it’s so much more than that. Enter the sun-drenched boutique in East Portland, and it’s hard to tell if you’re in a showroom, an art gallery, a museum - or even an extremely bright, warm and well-appointed residence. Colors and textures explode throughout the sprawling, white-washed expanse: broad, fiddle-leaf fig trees and elegant wooden furniture play off the brilliant, richly-dyed woolen rugs, while pops of neon signage and iridescent accent tables lend the space a harder, contemporary edge. Somehow, everything meshes perfectly. And it’s exactly this eclecticism that perhaps best defines what Wild Shaman is: a labor of love, reflecting its owners’ passion for history, design, community and home.

Wild Shaman was created by Emre and Yesim Taskin, an entrepreneurial and multi- talented power couple from Istanbul, Turkey. Come into the shop at any time, and chances are one (if not both) of them will be there, ready to greet you with a warm smile and answer any possible questions you may have about a given rug’s pedigree. Their enthusiasm is both palpable and contagious, and their expertise totally approachable.

To Emre and Yesim, Wild Shaman is a store in name only; the business of actually selling rugs is secondary to what the rugs themselves represent: the celebration and preservation of Turkish and Anatolian culture. (Indeed, in addition to running the shop, the couple also avidly collects especially rare and antique pieces, many of which are lovingly stored in a spare bedroom-cum-archive in their Portland apartment.)

In just a few short years, Wild Shaman has quickly become a household name within Portland’s dynamic interior design community - and the future is even brighter. The new Grand Avenue location places Wild Shaman squarely in the midst of Central Southeast Portland’s rapidly expanding arts and design neighborhood, and Emre and Yesim are looking forward to growing along with it, sharing their passion for their native culture and its history every step of the way. Stop by the shop for informal community gatherings, educational lectures, casual (and enlightening) conversation - or just to browse! Because at the end of the day, Wild Shaman isn’t just a rug shop - it’s an experience as unique and rich as each hand-woven kilim within.

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