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White Coffee Creative

Baltimore, MD

"An inclusive, woman-owned studio creating bold, colorful murals with sustainability in mind."
My name is Jess Langley, and I’m the founder and artist behind White Coffee Creative. I started this business to make an impact and help others do the same. Three words describe my style best: colorful, simple, and cohesive.

In case you're wondering, the name White Coffee comes from my love of coffee with extra cream and sugar, but I also like that this simple drink serves as a way for people to connect. “Want to grab coffee?” is a phrase said in both personal and business relationships, and I thought that fit with who I am as a person, creative, and business owner.

As an environmental advocate, I strive to limit my single-use plastic usage, know where the products I purchase are coming from and what they're made of, and educate others on eco-friendly lifestyles. As I’ve become more sustainable in my personal life, I want to commit to those same green practices in my business.

I’m always looking to connect with others who share the same mission and am working to educate through Instagram graphics, murals, and conversations. Get in touch if that vibes with you!
Wescover creator since 2019

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