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WESR | Danny Figueroa

Berlin, Germany

Danny Figueroa was born in 1980 in Chiclayo/Peru and grew up in the capital Lima where he has been active as a graffiti artist since 1996 under the pseudonym "Wesr". Since September 2008 he lives and works in Berlin.

Breaking into Danny Figueroa’s head is a gradual process. When I see Danny’s canvases I have the impression that the real painting is behind the painting we see. You need to follow the lines, as hidden trails, through a universe full of created gods. You need to accept a spiritual trip. You have to be willing to float –you need to entrust yourself to the flow.

Danny takes the solemnity of his characters to its furthest limits in an attempt to break the two dimensions of the canvas. The figure which is a shape that turns into figure again. This back and forth is necessary in order to understand Danny’s duality: the conflict in his paintings is in fact without the viewer. In this context, Figueroa does not paint individual subjects but personifies human spirituality through a semi-self created mythology.

His imaginary and bold colors reflect the clash of two different cultures: the South American from Lima, Peru, where he was raised, and the European from Berlin, where he has lived since 2008, resulting in a new direction of isolated events refracting the solitude of mankind.

Ceremonial masks that protect us from the unknown as faithful copies of our own face, black eyes everywhere inviting us to explore Danny’s mental state of mind –everything is connected. Who is the portrayed and who is the portrait in Figueroa’s painting is something it becomes more clear when you dive deep into his works.

Words by Juan Arata, 2015
Wescover creator since 2019

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