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Wayne Sleeth, Artist

Metz, France

"The english Monet, the french Turner."
" These are neither (land)scapes nor (sea)scapes, but ‘scapes’; anagrams of certain ‘spaces’."

In his mature work since moving to France in 2001, Wayne Sleeth reiterates and re-explores the source and schema of his more formative sensations; the big skies above the flat lands of both the Lincolnshire coast of his father and the polders of maternal Flanders, where he also spent his childhood. And his first inspirations in the painted world. His work produced in Lorraine and in Normandy bears the traces of Turner, and of Monet, pushing in all directions not so much through his brushwork but by a keenness to reinterprete these revelations via new techniques, of spraypaint and markerpen work on newspaper, on wallpaper, on sandpaper. And canvas.
Wescover creator since 2020

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