Waste Textiles Artist Femke van Gemert - Wall Hangings and Art
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Waste Textiles Artist Femke van Gemert

Waste Textiles Artist Femke van Gemert

Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Hangings, tapestries, installations and sculptures made of 100% upcycled materials and textiles, commisioned and site specific designs next to autonomous art."
Femke van Gemert (1969)
Waste Textiles Artist

After a long career in fashion as a designer and trendforecaster Femke van Gemert felt a growing awareness about the enormous amounts of textiles produced and discarded around the world. It made her change her approach to textile, and completely changed her design process.
Now Femke creates hangings, tapestries, installations and objects made out of recycled textiles and other waste materials.
These textiles come from various sources and reflect our extensive consumerist behaviour. She creates autonomous works and site specific designs on commission, and initiates projects with local textile waste and communities. With these projects she raises awareness about fashion waste and engages people to recycle fashion and upcycle textile waste in craft workshops. Besides her work as an artist Femke works as a teacher at several art and design schools.

Femke’s work has been shown on several inter(national) exhibitions.

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